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Texas Instruments IWR1443 Single-chip 76-81GHz mmWave Sensors

Texas Instruments IWR1443 Single-chip mmWave Sensors are based on FMCW radar technology capable of operation in the 76 to 81GHz band with up to 4GHz continuous chirp. The IWR1443 is an ideal solution for low-power, self-monitored, ultra-accurate radar systems in industrial applications. The IWR1443 is built with TI’s low-power 45nm RFCMOS process, enabling new levels of integration in an extremely small form factor. The device includes a monolithic implementation of a 3TX, 4RX system with built-in PLL, and A2D converters.

STMicroelectronics Precision Op Amps

STMicroelectronics Precision Op Amps (<50 MHz) feature micropower consumption, zero-drift, rail-to-rail, low-voltage offset, high voltage and low input bias current. This micropower op amp portfolio has consumption as low as 2µA with space-saving packages like DFN, QFN, SOT-23 and SC-70. Rail-to-rail input and output functions, associated with an extended power supply range from 2.7V to 16V, allows the devices to be used on a wide range of applications.

Texas Instruments LP8756x-Q1 Four-Phase Buck Converter

Texas Instruments LP8756x-Q1 Four-Phase Buck Converter is designed to meet the power management requirements of the latest processors and platforms in various automotive power applications. The device contains four step-down DC/DC converter cores, which are configured as a 4-phase output, 3-phase and 1-phase outputs, 2-phase and 2-phase outputs, one 2-phase and two 1-phase outputs, or four 1-phase outputs. The device is controlled by an I2C-compatible serial interface and also by enable signals.

Texas Instruments AWR1443 Automotive Radar Sensors

Texas Instruments AWR1443 Single-chip 76-to-81GHz Automotive Radar Sensors offer an integrated single-chip FMCW with unprecedented levels of integration in an extremely small form factor.

Texas Instruments LMX8410L High-Performance Mixers

Texas Instruments LMX8410L High-Performance Mixers offer a wide RF frequency input from 4 to 10GHz in a high-performance wideband I/Q demodulator. The LMX8410L provides an excellent dynamic range for high-performance applications with an IIP3 of 28dBm and a Noise Figure of 15dB (both at 5GHz). The device offers a large complex bandwidth of 2.7GHz for high data-rate applications. The LMX8410L Mixers provide an automatic DC offset correction algorithm that reduces the offset to less than ±2mV.